Friday, September 18, 2009

A heart felt apology...

I have just realized my Etsy account has been suspended. I am not sure what has happened but I am guessing that items were purchased that never got shipped.

I am very Sorry to anyone this happened to. Though this is nothing but an excuse... because I feel there are no reasons for any bad behavior. I should have been checking with Etsy especially when I no longer received bills from them.

My computer was attacked by a virus and it took me quite a while to get it fixed by then I just gave up.... I did not even crochet, I was pretty depressed for a good part of this year. Escaping into other potentials and reading an awful lot :P

This last year has been a very big turning point for my family.... My husband who is self employed but his only Contract is with the County.... NOT the one we live in. Has felt the economic turn very hard. We have been through many ups and downs and my health has seen the worst of it. I am a diabetic and stress is a large factor for my health. High Blood pressure and Kidney Failure being a few of the problems I have been dealing with....

I am at a point where I think the situation has settled... NOT what we had planned not even close. BUT I believe we are at a place that the pieces can start being picked up... I can start feeling good about myself again. I can start creating not destroying and avoiding.

To find the humor in life again.... I don't think we can go any lower.... BUT it has taught me to appreciate the simpler things.

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Oh it's no problem... I was just very worried about you since I knew you were in a farm area. Definitely with the economy and flues and things. I had noticed your shop was down just when I was trying to show a friend your shop and I was like, "oh no she could be sick". Sorry about your diabetes. I had a friend in high school that had it and he was always worried. >.< Well I hope things get better for you and your family!