Friday, September 11, 2009

I promise to myself and any one else out there that might care ?

I know I am an Irregular Bear Artist and an even more irregular Blogger. But.... That is changing !!! Turning over a new leaf and I WILL Cross my heart Blog every other day at the least and I WILL Complete one Project a week... promise cross my heart hope to burn my yarn stash. You know that is a good promise no crocheter in their right mind would do that !!!

I did finish a Bear. This little Black Bears name is Kanji.



absolutely adorable... i was wondering where you had gone to... I bought a raspberry from you in around may but your shop disappeared so i was worried about you.

Cynthia said...

Well thank you :D a Raspberry ??? my Shop was closed due to ???? I guess I will have to figure out what is going on. Life just fell to pieces. My husband has been slowly becoming unemployed for nearly the whole year. I am a diabetic and my health went to pots... still isn't the best but I think now we are at a point that we can start picking up the pieces and reorganize. Please feel free to email me. and we can discuss the raspberry.