Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Know not THE Button eyed doll.... But I found these cute little Tins today and Just had to make something. She is SO Cute :D

I will get more shots of her tomorrow. When I actually get the photo studio area cleaned.

Kids have the day off from school and I have a few chores to get done. I have to call the Pear Orchard about the trees they are taking out. My husband Greg does Lathe work and Fruit wood is always wonderful for tureen work.

I will also take advantage of the day and get the cold frames started.... I know Lettuce and Spinach in 2 of them but.... I don't know about the third maybe a succession of Green onions and Cilantro that way I will always have them for Fried rice right there at hand.

I also would really like to get to organizing my finishing cart... hmmmm....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Tuesday???? I think ????

I just Realized that Tuesday... Wednesday and Thursdays always get me confused :P

I think those that go to a nine to five job may understand this better than I do.... But my life is simpler to some extinct much more confusing. ESPECIALLY since I am a very flighty person :D

Some of us have wings for different reasons.... Mine are for chasing my fancys LOL....

I did get a few things on my list done

My desk is CLEAN !!

NEW improved Webpage did get loaded though there are many unfinished areas. If you are so inclined go check it out.

Button Doll is still unfinished but tomorrow she is first on the list..... well maybe seconds puppies need a bath :D

I REALLY want to make another Felted Face Rabbit !!!

and Squid with one eye needs Tentacles

My Montera for today is my favorite line from Coraline said by her other houses toy Squid

"I want to Hug your Face "

It just makes me happy :D

What to write on your blog ?

There seems to be a few ways to approach this. You can make a to do list, a what I've accomplished, What wonders I've discovered on the internet.....

I don't think any of these really fits me..... SO I've decided that my blog will be the Daily ramblings of the Crazy Crocheting girl.

Today I will be revisiting one of my favorite pieces. This is Bok Choy not only do I LOVE the name for this little chocolate rabbit but his little jungle bell Lettuce toy just intrigues me.

Bok Choys face is needle felted and he stands just about 3.5 inches his feet and arms are wired for great possibility..... Down to his whiskers just a fun Amigurumi.....

I think I will make another soon...........

Todays to do list includes finishing the button eye doll... She need a foot and her eyes sewn on. Complete and upload Demontrative new improved website.
Clean my desk.... YUCK.... But I can barely find the Keyboard LOL
hmmmmm.... Maybe time to make a Rabbit :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hmmmmm.... What do you think ?

I know I am suppose to be confident and assured with my Blog but truth is I have NO CLUE what I am doing.....

What I do know is when I crochet I feel right at home.... Even on new items I rarely have to rip out unless it is a porportion issue.... I do need to start writing instructions down for myself at least. Since sometimes it is difficult to revisit a design by reading the stitches from a picture LOL....

I also know I have things I need to improve on BLOGS Being one..... Actually completeing a design from beginning to end..... The new kits are on the back burner while I finish a Button eyed Doll.... YES.... we went and watched Coraline at the theaters... OF COURSE.... I rushed home to make my own version....

she is nearly done..... she needs one Yellow Wellied covered foot and 1/2 her hair done. Then her face and last her button eyes.

I think I will offer a Custom Self Button Eye Doll on my website.... you know email me a picture and I will make a doll in yours or your loved ones image....What do you guys think ??

A new Beginning :D

I would like to Introduce ~JoJo~ HE stands 5.5 inches tall and is crocheted from a Cotton Chenille I really love the Quilter effect it creates.

~JoJo~ is up for Auction on Ebay

Just follow the link or search DB&F...