Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Know not THE Button eyed doll.... But I found these cute little Tins today and Just had to make something. She is SO Cute :D

I will get more shots of her tomorrow. When I actually get the photo studio area cleaned.

Kids have the day off from school and I have a few chores to get done. I have to call the Pear Orchard about the trees they are taking out. My husband Greg does Lathe work and Fruit wood is always wonderful for tureen work.

I will also take advantage of the day and get the cold frames started.... I know Lettuce and Spinach in 2 of them but.... I don't know about the third maybe a succession of Green onions and Cilantro that way I will always have them for Fried rice right there at hand.

I also would really like to get to organizing my finishing cart... hmmmm....


Minttusuklaa said...

I love your little button-eyed bunny! It´s so cute! I just found your blog through flickr and it´s awesome. I love all of your crocheted stuff, maybe I should crochet more myself too...

Best wishes from Finland


Cynthia said...

Thank you :D

Crocheting definitely keeps me sane, I find it very meditative.

Vest Regards