Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Tuesday???? I think ????

I just Realized that Tuesday... Wednesday and Thursdays always get me confused :P

I think those that go to a nine to five job may understand this better than I do.... But my life is simpler to some extinct much more confusing. ESPECIALLY since I am a very flighty person :D

Some of us have wings for different reasons.... Mine are for chasing my fancys LOL....

I did get a few things on my list done

My desk is CLEAN !!

NEW improved Webpage did get loaded though there are many unfinished areas. If you are so inclined go check it out.


Button Doll is still unfinished but tomorrow she is first on the list..... well maybe seconds puppies need a bath :D

I REALLY want to make another Felted Face Rabbit !!!

and Squid with one eye needs Tentacles

My Montera for today is my favorite line from Coraline said by her other houses toy Squid

"I want to Hug your Face "

It just makes me happy :D

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