Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do you want a side business or an empire?

I have an empire haven't you seen my shop.... It is full of gorgeous Snails... Happy Turtles... Button eyed Bunnies...To mention a few.

To tell the truth my Empire is over flowing and I need to place some of the subjects who reproduce ohhhh... Like.. I don't know Bunnies...

To me this is a creative outlet :P It keeps me sane... keeps me from yelling at the kids. Gives me a sense of purpose.

I am a stay at home mom and being from the generation of SUPER MOMS.... you know who you are.

Doing this makes me feel like it is OK!! not being a Corporate Lawyer who does not miss a single recital or Ball game.

I am special... not just special needs XD and my kids don't play ball or dance.... They squabble and give me hugs !

Today I made a Bunny for my son.

Tomorrow I will work on shipping my orders

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tintocktap said...

Making toys for the kids is always the best!